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PCB Design & Analysis

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Board Layout

At Atya, we offer PCB Layout services that cater to a diverse range of board types, from simple prototype evaluation boards to complex, high-speed circuits for consumer electronics applications. Our experienced designers specialize in high-density layouts, ensuring optimal signal integrity and electrical performance. By working closely with manufacturers, we deliver printed circuit board designs that support efficient assembly and testing with high yields during production. Choose RTS for your PCB Layout needs and benefit from our expertise in delivering reliable and efficient PCB designs.

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  • Designing of 2-32 layer PCBs using different CAD packages depends on the Customer Requirements.( Altium, Eagle, KiCad)

  • Compliant to Design for Manufacturability and Assembly (DFMA) and Design for Testability (DFT) methods.

  • PCB Designing following the guidelines of the client and IPC standards.

  • PCB Manufacturing files (Gerber files or odb++) Generation from Source Files

  • Designing of Mechanically constrained PCBs.

  • PTH to SMT conversion and manufacturing files generation considering DFMS, DFT and compliance issues.

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Signal Integrity

RTS with extensive experience in SI, works with you at the beginning of the design to mutually determine the practical level of simulation required for your specific board, to mitigate the risk.

Signal integrity is becoming an increasingly important element of circuit and PCB design. As frequencies used within digital circuits rise, even comparatively short connections act as transmission lines, and they have an effect of the integrity of the signals being carried. These effects can cause circuits not to work, and accordingly, signal integrity is now a major issue for any circuit design.

High-Speed PCB Design Challenges can overcome through Signal Integrity Analysis and their solutions.

Signal integrity or SI is a set of measures of the quality of an electrical signal.  In digital electronics, a stream of binary values is represented by a voltage (or current) waveform.

The simulation software used is Hyper lynx 8.2 update-1. This report is a post-layout analysis report.

Study of Overshoot, Undershoot & Reflections, and Termination analysis

Signal topologies and their analysis.

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Thermal Analysis

Heat can degrade the performance and reliability of electronic devices. Power dissipation of ICs and power losses across the board are key inputs for thermal analysis. At RTS we perform extensive thermal simulations which predicts the operating temperatures of electronic devices. The predicted temperature field for a printed-circuit board (PCB) provides useful information to resolve thermal issues. The thermal analysis carried out to identify the optimal placement from thermal perspective using Hyperlynx Thermal Software V9.1.  A test board is used to determine θJA as per JEDEC specifications.

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